X990 ACRO HID search light

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ACRO Lights X990

The X990 is ACRO Lights original high power HID and has proven itself for over 12 years. One of the most powerful handheld HID's you will find. Usable light up to 400 yards, this is what every emergency service group and search and rescue team should carry. The durable X990 model, with articulating head and adjustable beam can be used in the harshest environments. ACRO Lights offers a bolt on filter head with IR filter options. Check out the option available on the ACRO Lights web site, www.acrolights.com



* Professional grade unit for industrial,
   agricultural, law enforcement, emergency
   service, fire, search & rescue and marine use
* Heavy-duty cast aluminum head with
   composite lower housing
* Dust and water resistant design
* Adjustable head from 90 to 180 degrees
* Adjustable beam from flood to spot
* Up to 70 minute run time per battery
* 35 watt D2S bulb
* Powerful 3200 lumen output

* 12V car adapter for extended run time
* Infrared filter kit
* Tripod and magnetic base adapter kits

Please note that battery packs are assembled when this kit is order. This product may take up to 10 days to complete and ships direct from ACRO Lights .