A3100 ACRO HID search light

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A3100 ACRO HID search light

The A3100 is one of the most powerful searchlights you'll find. Offering usable light up to 400 yards, this is what every search and rescue team should have. Lightweight and durable, with optional snap-on filters in red, yellow or flood pattern the A3100 can be tuned to almost any application. ACRO Lights also offers a bolt on filter head with IR filter options or you can provide your own glass for special needs. Check out the option available on the ACRO Lights web site, www.acrolights.com


* Water resistant design
* Hardened Borosilicate Glass Lens
* Composite housing
* Low voltage corded option for
  12 or 24 volt DC operation
* Li-ion battery pack with up to
  90 minutes run time per charge
* Powerful 3200 effective lumen output
  35 watt D2S bulb
* Optional snap-on color filters
   or mounted IR filter available

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