G4 LED Landscape replacement bulb

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2 Watt 1 Watt 3 Watt Replacement socket
200 86 50 200
Upgrade your landscape lighting without replacing the fixtures with
LumenPros LED products.
LumenPros G4 bulb is a direct replacement for most incandescent
and halogen G4 bulbs commonly found in landscape lighting.
LumenPros offers our G4 bulbs in 1, 2 and 3 watt models. All have
glass bodies and are sealed at the base.
This series of commercial grade bulb offers a simple solution to
dealing with the constant replacement of standard bulbs as well as
greatly reducing power consumption. Unlike many LED replacement
bulbs, our line offers a natural warm white color at 2700K. Our 1
watt bulb replaces standard 7-10 watts , our 2 watt replaces
standard 18 to 20 watt and our 3 watt replaces standard 25 to 30
watt bulbs.
Check out our replacement G4 sockets to repair or upgrade your low
voltage lighting.

Uses less energy
Natural warm white output
Reduce maintenance
Up to 10 times the life of standard bulbs.